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Lisa & David | Fredericksburg, VA Engagement

I'm pleased to present to you the fabulous Lisa and David. This session was nothing short of fun and games, and lots of laughter! And of course engaged, excited loooove :) Lisa is working on her doctorate in physical therapy, and David is in the military currently serving in Iraq. He had a 10 day leave from Iraq in May, so we squeezed in a session while he was in the states. I'm so glad we did! I hope you both enjoyed the session as much as I did shooting it! 

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Sprinkles Cupcakes | Coming Soon to DC! | Spotlight

In honor of Sprinkles Cupcakes soon opening in Washinton DC, I thought I'd make a little trip while I was in Dallas! They were supposed to open this summer, but it's been moved to the fall 2010. What's another couple months?! I can wait...it's well worth it :)

Things you must know about Sprinkles:

1. They make the best cupcakes EVER. 

2. They have too many wonderful flavors...but you have to check what they have available before you go, because each day of the week is different!

3. They have cute packaging. Simple. To the point. Makes me smile every time. 

4. My favorite: Lemon Coconut...or Lemon :) Both favorites. 

5. Brides, they do weddings!

6. They can put anyone in a better mood...they're not just cupcakes...they're AMAZING cupcakes!! 

7. They even make doggie cupcakes. Not even kidding. 

8. If you've never been, you've got to go....NOW.

9. If you go...you must bring me one (see #4). I'm sorry, but a rule's a rule!! :)

Is your mouth watering yet?


Sweet Little Lucy | Pet Photography

Two days ago, I had a gap in my Texas schedule, so I planned a surprise visit to go see my grandma and uncle up in Oklahoma! And turns out, it was actually a complete surprise! Nothing about me going up there got leaked! It was so great!! I was so sad to have to leave to fast, and I can't wait to go back. I haven't gotten to see them since the fall...it was long overdue. But looks like Joel and I will get to make it back to Oklahoma later this year! It's strange having to plan so far in advance now that we live thousands of miles away.

Anyways, the short time I was there, I had the pleasure of meeting my uncle's new dog, Lucy, and even got to take a few photos of her! From the moment I laid eyes on her, I was in love. She's so gentle and sweet! And she's completely full grown...doesn't she look like a puppy?! AHHH!! Finally a dog that looks like an eternal puppy!! 

So heeeeere's Lucy!! Enjoy!


Lisa & David | Sneak Peak!

Here's a little preview...more AWESOMENESS from Lisa and David coming soon! 


Jessie & James | Quantico, VA Engagement

Internet world, meet Jessie and James. We met up at Jessie's home a couple weeks ago for their engagement session in Quantico, VA, and ended the session at the National Marine Corps Museum. Jessie and James met as youngsters because their dads were both Marines. They are getting married in August on the Weapons Training Battalion Field in Quantico. Pretty stellar right!?

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