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Hannah & Jed | Houston Engagement Photographer

Oh sweet Hannah and Jed! I couldn't have enjoyed my time with them more! They can be silly and playful with each other, then flip it to soft and romantic. Ahhhhh, it's the best! I love being around love like that. I really do. After shooting an engagement session or a wedding, I always get so excited to get home and kiss on Joel! I feel extremely blessed to have a career that allows me to witness love, surround myself in it, and be loved at the end of the day. So much love! Win win :)

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Emily & Stephen | The Overlook Wedding Photographer

This wedding was such a glorious way to end the 2013 season for me :) Let me lay it out for you why I loved it so. 1) Emily is such a doll! Completely trusting of the model face quickly followed by her joyful laugh! 2) Speaking of the model face, every bridesmaid could rock it in a flash. Not to mention they pulled off the best Bridesmaids movie poster rendition I've seen. 3) Stephen and Emily chose to do a first look! It was cold and even sprinkled on us, but that didn't stop them from doing it. Win win win win winnnnn. 4)They got married at one of the newest venues in town, The Overlook. It's AMAZING. Aaaaand, it's 10 minutes from my house. When you've been on your feet for 8+ hours on a wedding day, knowing your bed is only 10 minutes away is such a welcomed thought! 

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Carrie & Seth | Houston, TX Engagement Photographer

When figuring out whereabouts for their session, Carrie had a clear vision for their shoot and what she was looking for. After learning both her and Seth are architects and went through school at Rice together, it all made sense to me to shoot in the city! Which I just LOVED. I adore the lines and symmetry the city lends itself to, and would shoot downtown all the time if I could. 

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Line & Oddgeir | Houston Engagement Photographer

World wide web, meet Line and Oddgeir. Hailing from beautiful Norway, these two are currently living in Houston and are tying the knot in August! During their session, I learned all about Norway and probably asked way too many questions about the country they're from. Do you blame me?! Gah, would die to live in a place like that. Talk about a dream. 

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Elyana & Troy | Victoria, TX Wedding

WOOOOO!! They're married! Elyana and Troy were married in Victoria, TX in a beautiful cathedral this fall. I fell in love with the fact that she wore her mother's wedding shoes as her own that day! Those sort of details are just so special. I had the pleasure of working with Ellen of Westcott Weddings, and it was such a dream! Her and her husband kept everything running smoothly the entire day. Win win :)

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